A weapon of war defused in the Rimini area

(To Army Majority State)

This morning the Army sappers, coming from the railway engineering regiment of Castel Maggiore (BO), completed the defusing operations of a war device found in the municipality of Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) in the Flora area.

The bomb, an aircraft bomb weighing approximately 227 kg, still active in English manufacture, dating back to the Second World War, was found in poor conditions of conservation.

The reclamation operations, directed and coordinated by the prefecture of Rimini and the Army operational forces command, took place in three distinct phases during which a temporary protection structure was built on the site of discovery to mitigate the effects due to a In the event of an accidental explosion, the device was neutralized by removing the trigger system and, finally, the aircraft bomb was detonated in an area identified and arranged in such a way as to protect public safety.

To limit the evacuation area and reduce inconvenience to the local population, a certified containment structure was created by the Army engineers which allowed the evacuation area to be limited from the initial 1282 meters to the current 352 meters, reducing the number of people to be evacuated to around 1500.

Furthermore, to ensure an adequate safety framework, during the removal operations of the trigger system, it was necessary to ban traffic on some roads adjacent to the area where the bomb was found.