"Devil's horn" for the 152 ° Sassari

(To Army Majority State)

Test the command and control skills, consolidate the specialty training and perfect the specific preparation of the shooters chosen for future operational activities. This is the purpose of the exercise held in the Salto di Quirra experimental firing range from November 25 to December 5 which saw employees of the 100 infantry regiment of the "Sassari" brigade in addition to military 152.

The exercise, code-named "Devil's horn", has been studied and conducted in two phases. In the first, the selected Army shooters practiced activities aimed at preparing the candidates for the start of the qualifying shooter course. In this phase, particular impulse was given to the capitalization of the experiences matured this year by the selected shooters of the regiments of the "Sassari" brigade in the international competitions that were held in Germany and in the United States.

Specifically, dynamic lessons were developed in open spaces and in urban contexts, hitting targets set up to 1.500 meters away. The second phase, on the other hand, focused on perfecting the "warfighting" capabilities of the 2ª fusiliers company that conducted team and platoon fire drills in day and night, in a training scenario with a predominant combat theme.

This phase also served to complete the preparation cycle of a smaller complex of the 152 ° regiment intended for use in December in Rome in the "Safe Roads" operation.