The intervention for the bad weather emergency continues from Veneto to Lazio


The Army continues its commitment in the areas of Veneto, Emilia and Lazio affected by the exceptional wave of bad weather. In Veneto, since the first hours of the emergency, at the request of their respective Prefects, the military intervened in the provinces of Belluno and Treviso.

About 140 soldiers and 41 Army vehicles, including BV-206 tracked vehicles and earth-moving machines, were used in the Belluno area to restore the road network and clear the snow accumulated in the municipalities of Cencenighe Agordino, Santo Stefano di Cadore , Pieve di Cadore, Falcade, Valle di Cadore, Arabba, Borca di Cadore, Rocca Pietore, Forno di Zoldo, San Pietro di Cadore, San Vito di Cadore, Sappada and Cortina d'Ampezzo. 

In Cortina d'Ampezzo, moreover, the Army rock climbers are engaged in clearing the roofs from over 2 meters of accumulated snow. 

In the Treviso area, 175 men, special engineering vehicles and dewatering pumps, for a total of 35 Army vehicles, were involved in monitoring and strengthening the embankments, for water drainage and for the removal of debris in the municipalities of Motta di Livenza, Meduna di Livenza and Preganziol.

In Emila, 60 men and women of the Army continue to operate in the province of Modena to monitor the embankments of waterways in the municipality of Bomporto. 

In Lazio, the Army operates, in collaboration with the local authorities, in the municipality of Fiumicino with engineering personnel, special vehicles, water pumps and a medical unit with the task of providing basic health care, collecting the health needs of the population , provide, thanks to the support of the municipal pharmacy, the necessary drugs and provide oxygen therapy to bedridden patients. 

Also in the next few hours the special means of the Army will continue to operate, on the basis of the requests made by the Prefectures, along the whole peninsula in support of the population.

Source: General Office of the Army Chief of Staff - Public Information and Communication Office - Sz. PI

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