Course for executives and officers at the NBC School

(To Army Majority State)

The "20th CBRN Basic Operational Qualification Course" (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) for executives, senior officers and officers of the Armed Forces, Police and other Public Administrations.

The course, which saw the participation of 8 Army officers, 5 of the Navy, 1 of the Air Force, 2 officers of the State Police and a civilian executive of NATO, was developed in an initial phase at a distance, in modality Online, and later in the residential phase at the NBC School.

Visitors were able to learn about the organizational structure of the national CBRN Defense, learn the risks associated with the nature of aggressive CBRNs, acquire the tools to assess vulnerabilities and the possible consequences of such risks on their own forces in order to be able to take appropriate countermeasures.

The didactic activities carried out have fully satisfied the expectations of the attending staff; in particular, the final exam was greatly appreciated during which the students, divided into working groups, ventured into a case study that allowed the sharing of different professional skills and the exchange of the heterogeneous experiences of the individual participants.

The NBC School trains, at a basic and specialist level, the personnel of the Armed Forces and the Armed Corps of the State as well as the departments and civil organizations involved in the specific sector. Furthermore, the Institute collaborates with universities and scientific bodies for the development of teaching and updating activities, participates with its own representatives in specific work groups NATO and offers training courses open to all NATO countries and Partners for Peace (PfP).