Refresher course for military rescuers

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, at the Military Medical and Veterinary School, the 58th refresher course aimed at 19 military rescuers, including non-commissioned officers and graduates, from different EDRCs of the Armed Force has ended.

The course, conducted in the presence and in full compliance with the provisions issued in the field of contrast and containment of the COVID-19 epidemic, involved instructors from the School of Health and Veterinary, from the brigades Garibaldi e thunderbolt.

The aim of the course was the updating and verification of knowledge and skills in the initial management of trauma in combat, in order to reduce the incidence of preventable deaths, mainly related to massive bleeding, airway obstruction and trauma. chest.

The periodic refresher courses of non-medical personnel must take place within 3 years from the last qualification course for military rescuers, with adequate assessment of the skills of the individual first responders. Attendees who have maintained the qualification of military rescuer after the course are ready to be employed in different operational contexts of an international character.