Basic Life Support course at Ce.Si.Va.


The graduation ceremony was held yesterday at the Army Simulation and Validation Center for staff who attended the BLS (Basic Life Support) Course, organized by the center and directed by the local section of the Italian Red Cross.

The program, drawn up by the provincial Provincial of the volunteer nurses, sister Paola Patrì, who delivered the diplomas together with the commander of the Ce.Si.Va., General Armed Forces Massimiliano Del Casale, provided theoretical and practical lessons held in two-week span at the local Red Cross headquarters.

The course covered the basic topics of first aid, providing lessons to enable visitors, military and civilian personnel of the center, to intervene in critical emergency health circumstances, from the examination of the injured person, to the maneuvers aimed at maintaining the vital functions, interventions in case of respiratory or cardiac arrest.

Source: Command for Training, Specialization and Army Doctrine