Delivery of the sword to the students of the Academy

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, in the Court of Honor of the Military Academy, in the presence of the commander of the Military Academy, Major General Davide Scalabrin, the ceremony for the delivery of the sword to the cadets of the 204th "Will" course, a formal act, took place which establishes for the latter the acquisition of the status of official pupils.

In front of the regiment deployed, the commander, Colonel Elio Manes, recalled the historical evolution of the ceremony with the passage from the delivery of the rifle to the delivery of the sword, also highlighting that "the weight of today's symbolic act weighs both on the shoulders of the students "Elderly", called even more to be a daily example for younger colleagues, both on the "cappelloni" students, invested, even formally, with the difficult role of representative of the Military Academy ".

The head of the 203 ° course handed the sword to the representative of the 204 ° course while the second year students wished in unison to those of the first "Good luck!"; the singing by the entire pupil regiment of the hymn “Una Acies” finally sealed the twinning between the two courses.

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