Delivery of patents to new rangers

(To Army Majority State)

In the last few days, in the "Duca" barracks in Verona, the ceremony for the delivery of the "ranger" patents to 20 new operators of the Army special forces.

In the presence of the commander of the apecial forces of the Army (COMFOSE), Brigadier General Pietro Addis, the twenty new qualified have received the coveted "ranger" patent to be affixed to the uniform, thus fully becoming part of the Army special forces. In addition, they were also given a dagger engraved with their patent number. The 2-edged dagger blade symbolically represents belonging to a small circle of elite soldiers, a symbol of courage and sacrifice, the latter values ​​that were already typical of the historic exploits of the glorious "ski battalion" employed in the Second World War.

The selection and training process to become a “ranger” is very demanding and puts a strain on both the physical and mental resistance of the aspiring FS operator. It has a duration of about two years at the end of which you become operators capable of conducting special operations in any environment, especially mountain and arctic. Becoming a “ranger” means living exciting and unique experiences, with the possibility of an exciting and rewarding career in one of the most famous Italian special forces wards in the world.

The 4th “ranger” alpine paratrooper regiment is a special forces department of the Army made up of specifically selected and trained personnel, particularly trained and equipped to conduct the entire spectrum of typical “special operations” tasks. The unit combines the typical capabilities of the mountain specialty (Alpine) and of the air troops (paratroopers) and, among the Army special forces, is specifically designated and qualified to conduct operations in mountain and arctic environments.