The process for the digitization of the Armed Force serial number has been completed

(To Army Majority State)

The process that led the Army to the computerization of the matriculation service, a specific branch that manages, stores and updates all the curricular data of the personnel, has been completed.

The modernization process, which began in 2018 with the joint signing of the preliminary instructions between the Directorate-General for Military Personnel and the Army Staff, has allowed the reorganization of the matriculation sector of the armed force, leading to the progressive centralization of the related activities on Army National Administrative Center, through the aid of an advanced and interoperable system, developed by the C4 Army command which today, in addition to enabling the 10th division of the general management, to promptly check the matriculation documentation of officers, non-commissioned officers, graduates and troops , allows each individual military to consult their Single Registration Document in full transparency and awareness.

This result, the result of the synergistic activity and sharing of objectives by the aforementioned members of the dicastery, constitutes a further step forward for the modernization of the Army in a digitized key, in line with the most recent regulations on the subject.

With this further evolution, the Army National Administrative Center adds a fundamental element in the project of rationalization and centralization of the administrative functions of the Armed Force, already completed for the salary and pension part, guaranteeing undoubted advantages in terms of human and financial resources, functional efficiency and effectiveness of administrative action.