Concluded the 8th Individual Basic Skills Winter Course Mountain Warfare

(To Army Majority State)

In the barracks "Castello Generale Cantore", the 8th was concluded Individual Basic Skills Winter Course Mountain Warfare. The second lieutenants belonging to the alpine specialty of the 199 ° course "Dare" of the command for the Training and Application School of the Army, underwent 4 months of hard training in movement on rock, snow, ice and combat in a mountain environment in the most famous training sites in the Aosta Valley.

The activities were carried out starting from July 2021 and saw the young officers try their hand at the basic mountaineering course with ascents and crossings in the Mont Blanc group at Punta Helbronner and with the “Bethaz Bovard” via ferrata in Valgrisenche. Afterwards, the visitors were able to experiment with the conduct of departments on medium and high mountain terrain, and then face the techniques of individual movement and combat in environments characterized by verticality and articulation. The Technical Application Course finally ended in December with the attendance of the basic ski course on the slopes of Cervinia and the Mountain Warfare Course winter.

The Valle d'Aosta area represents an ideal compartmentalised environment for deepening knowledge of the terrain of medium and high mountains and for increasing movement and combat skills in this context. The Massiccio del Bianco area put a strain on the students who had to demonstrate that they were able to tackle different levels of difficulty even in the command position, under the supervision of the instructors of the Alpine Training Center. The end of the training process was reached last Thursday when the commander of the Alpine Training Center, gen. b. Marcello Orsi, handed over to the Alpine lieutenants of the 199 “Dare” course the diploma which sanctioned the positive conclusion of the course that has just ended.

The participation of two foreign representatives respectively of the Armenian Army and the Albanian Army should be emphasized. The knowledge acquired and the movement techniques developed will guarantee safety in the activities of the departments in which the young officers will be employed. These skills represent an essential set of skills to face any type of operational activity concerning movement and combat in the mountains.

The ten Alpine lieutenants will leave the Alpine Training Center to return to the Application School of Turin where they will continue their training process.