Completed the TPI in Basilicata


In recent days the Winter Army 2013 - 2014 Winter Tour ended in Potenza. The activity in contact with young people, carried out thanks to the coordination of the Army Military Commands located in every region of the peninsula, was aimed at orientation. to the employment around the professional outlets that the Armed Force offers to undertake a career in uniform.

The now consolidated event has involved Italian citizens aged between 15 and 32 years, and this year too has received a growing interest shown by the hundreds of young people with whom the institution has interfaced. For the occasion, the Infoteam of the Army Military Command of Basilicata has set up Infopoints where qualified personnel have made their human and professional experience available by providing all the information relating to enrollment in the Army.

The activity, which began with the participation in the "Christmas Markets" event held in Potenza on December 19, continued with the December 20 at the Auchan shopping center in Tito scalo (PZ); the 24 January at the Ipercoop shopping center in Matera, concluding the 25 January at the Auchan shopping center in Tito scalo (PZ). It was possible to acquire all the information necessary for access to the Military Academy (competition for 10 next January), to the Marshals School, to the Military Schools: "Nunziatella and Teuliè". The competitions for: "Officers in Ferma Prefixed ”, for:" Direct Appointed Officials "and of the" Selected Reserve ". The competition kermesse, the information to become" One Year Pre-Fixed Volunteer "have closed. This procedure provides, subject to further competition, transit in the early careers of the Beloved Corps or Armed Forces of the State or in the category: "Volunteers in Quadrennial Firm" in the Army.

The army's promotional activities, as specified by Colonel Giulio Barba, military commander of Basilicata, will continue throughout the region for the whole year through conferences addressed to the students of the Higher Education Institutes; local activities will follow, such as sporting and cultural events. From June to September, moreover, will resume the event "Summer Tour" which will involve the Army personnel in the main attractions of Basilicata.

For more information, you can consult the institutional website: (Competition Section) or personally contact the information desk of the Military Command "BASILICATA" located in the Barracks "De Rosa" in Via Ciccotti 32 in Potenza (Telephone and fax: 0971 / 45270).

Source: "Basilicata" Army Military Command

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