Concluded the course on the use of 105/14

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, at the end of two intense training weeks and in strict compliance with the provisions to combat the spread of CoViD-19, the course on the use of the 105/14 mechanical towing howitzer carried out by a team of instructors of the training group of the Bracciano artillery command in favor of 48 actual soldiers in the 1st and 3rd land mountain artillery regiments, stationed respectively in Fossano (CN) and Remanzacco (UD).

The objective of the course, successfully passed by all the participants, was reached upon completion of a training and training course that saw the mountain gunners acquire all the useful notions for the use of the 105/14 mechanical towed howitzer. XNUMX.

With its flexibility and the ability to be air-transported and air-launched, the 105/14 howitzer represents an important tool available to mountain artillery units. Thanks to specific training cycles necessary to live and move in inaccessible environments and to the means and individual equipment they are equipped with, the mountain artillery regiments are a fundamental component of the maneuvering units because they guarantee the fire support necessary for their direct support. .

By contributing in a decisive way to the completion of the training and specialization of officers, non-commissioned officers and volunteers belonging to the Artillery Army, the training group of the Bracciano artillery command represents an excellence of the Italian Army.