Concluded the specialization course for anti-aircraft operators at very short range

(To Army Majority State)

The 8-week specialization course for operators of the very short range anti-aircraft weapon system ended this morning in Sabaudia Stinger.

The course, carried out in full compliance with the rules for the contrast and containment of the CoViD-19, was organized and conducted by the training group of the Counter-Aircraft Artillery Command, alternating theoretical-pathic lessons inside the Santa Barbara barracks with exercises using the system weapon at the Foce Verde military range.

The activity allowed young people Volunteers in Fixed Station of four years (VFP4) to acquire the basic notions of anti-aircraft artillery and operational procedures for the use of the shoulder-mounted missile system Stinger.

In particular, the practical activities of reconnaissance, position taking, tracking of radio targets and tactical control procedures have made it possible to combine the functions of pointer / shooter and gun chief. Stinger, favoring the team building of the shooting place.

The anti-aircraft specialty thus acquires new "stingeristi" who will be assigned to the specialty operational departments to face the future training / operational commitments of the regiments equipped with very short range weapon systems.