Four training courses reserved for 43 fixed-term volunteers concluded

(To Army Majority State)

In the last few days in Padua, as part of the "Employment Opportunities" project, four training courses were completed in which forty-three pre-arranged volunteers belonging to Army, Navy and Air Force units located in the Veneto Region took part.

In particular the courses, coordinated by the command North Operating Forces of the Army, concerned the following topics: "Layout analysis for optimizing internal warehouse logistics in Industry 4.0", "Startupper - Starting Entrepreneurship", "Enabling to use self-propelled forklift trucks with driver on board" e "Energy Manager" (sustainability officer).

At the end of the works, the visitors received a certificate of qualification valid for five years throughout the national territory. The training courses represent one of the initiatives promoted by the General Secretariat of Defense - National Armaments Directorate to facilitate the introduction into the world of work of military personnel who are about to leave. They are organized on the basis of requests from the labor market at the regional level and the participants are selected and directed by the "Professional Defense Advisors" through the conduct of specific interviews.