"Stupor Mundi 2022" exercise concluded

(To Army Majority State)

The multi-arms exercise called "Stupor Mundi 2022", coordinated by the command of the Southern Operational Forces which employed its dependent brigades Sassari, Granaders of Sardinia, Aosta, Pinerolo, Garibaldi, with the help of personnel from external bodies from tactical intelligence brigades, thunderbolt e Pozzuolo del Friuli.

The "Stupor Mundi" exercise had the aim of increasing the training level of several large units by integrating planning activities with field execution. In particular, the following were carried out: a multi-weapon digitized tactical group exercise, continuous activities in opposing parties with the use of MILES simulation systems and in a wooded environment, targeted training for the cores of snipers, for the reconnaissance units and for genius and artillery. In addition, "individual training" and ability maintenance activities were carried out and advanced training moments were developed with the holding of specific courses.

At the end of the activity, in a video conference with all the departments exercised, the commander of Southern Operational Forces, army corps general Giuseppenicola Tota, complimented what was done, expressing his satisfaction with the seriousness and professionalism appreciated by all the personnel. He then added that for the first time in many years this exercise called "Stupor Mundi" was resumed, underlining how it is "a winning formula that allows us to train and grow together.