Completed the "Steel Storm" exercise

(To Army Majority State)

Yesterday morning the "Pinerolo" brigade conducted the final phase of the "Steel Storm" exercise, together with the Qatari Army personnel.

The complex tactical activity took place in the presence of the Qatari ambassador to Italy, if Abdulaziz Bin Ahmed Al Malki Al Jehani and, for the Italian Armed Forces, of the Chief of Defense, General Enzo Vecciarelli, of the Chief of Staff of the Army, general of the army corps Salvatore Farina and of the commander of the South Operating Forces, general of the army corps Giuseppenicola Tota. For the Qatari Armed Forces, the Chief of Defense General Ghanim Shaheen Al-Ghanim and the Commander of the Qatar Land Forces, Major General Saeed Hesayen Mohammed Al-Khayarin attended.

General Vecciarelli wanted to thank all the men and women of the Italian and Qatari Army who participated in the activity, highlighting technical skills and synergy in achieving the exercise objectives.

The activities began last October 4, following a coordinated planning between the two nations. The joint training had the purpose of raising the level of knowledge and the ability to operate with the main weapon systems and digitized command and control systems that "Pinerolo" is equipped with. The activities, carried out in full compliance with the current provisions on combating COVID-19, allowed for a fruitful exchange of experiences between the units exercised.

The deployed forces, organized in multi-armament units, operated in a warfighting scenario, both in the planning and in the conduct phase, using NEC (Network Enabled Capability) systems. At the same time, the level of interoperability reached between the two Armies was verified.

The commander of the mechanized brigade "Pinerolo", Brigadier General Giovanni Gagliano, during a briefing on the introduction of the tactical act, illustrated to the authorities the activities conducted by the units participating in the "Steel Storm", highlighting the full achievement of all training objectives.

The final event saw the forces of the Italian Army and Qatar deployed simultaneously in the areas of Torre Veneri (Lecce) and Torre di Nebbia (Bari), more than 250 km away from each other, and engaged in the conduct of complex level exercises fire-reinforced minor, with the use of digitized command and control systems.

During the activity, the Italian units, based on the 7th Bersaglieri Regiment, and the colleagues from Qatar used different platforms and weapon systems including VBM 8x8 Freccia, both in combat version and 120 mm mortar holder, VBL Puma, busway Centauro armies, Ariete tanks, two A129 Mangusta exploration and escort helicopters and two NH90 multirole helicopters.

Specialist assets have also been deployed and integrated into the maneuver such as sharpshooters, Advanced Combat Reconaissance Team (ACRT) of the Genie, equipped with VTMM Bear equipped with sensors and equipment for the search and removal of improvised explosive devices, and a team for piloting the AeroVironment RQ-11 Raven drone.

Through the use of the communication systems of the digitized command posts, guests and observers were able to appreciate all the phases of the maneuver, conducted simultaneously in the two different training areas.