Completed the "Steel Forge 22" exercise

(To Army Majority State)

A few days ago, at the military polygon of Carpegna (Pesaro Urbino), the "Steel Forge 22" exercise, carried out by the 183rd "Nembo" parachute regiment and included in the unit's training cycle as a pawn of the Land Reserve Force (LRF) with high operational readiness.

In this regard, three hundred paratroopers of the 183rd conducted specific tactical activities at team level, in scenarios typical of airborne operations, aimed at consolidating the technical-tactical procedures aimed at increasing the effectiveness of fire actions.

The survival skills on the battlefield were also tested, through the carrying out of MCM (Military Combat Method) sessions and exercises aimed at evaluating the ability to operate in an environment characterized by a CBRN threat (Chemical, Biological, Radiological , Nuclear).

The "Steel Forge 22" exercise is part of the training activities developed by the "Folgore" paratroopers brigade, aimed at ensuring the ability to respond and immediately intervene in crisis and emergency situations, which require projecting, in a short time, structures in able to operate in all areas of comparison.

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