Salamandra 2022 exercise concluded

(To Army Majority State)

The "Salamandra 2022" Exercise, conducted by the engineering departments of the Southern Operational Forces, ended in the training area of ​​the military district of Persano (SA) a few days ago. The aim of this exercise was to maintain , consolidate and standardize the specialist skills of the engineering regiments also in a digitalized environment.

In particular, the destroying teams of the 4th regiment of the brigade Aosta, of the 5th regiment of the brigade Sassari, of the 21th regiment of the brigade Garibaldi and the 11th regiment of the brigade Pinerolo have trained in conducting tactical exercises on the waters of the Sele river, using common and standardized protocols, to refine the technical-tactical procedures for advanced reconnaissance, especially at night, through the use of vessels suitable for mobility operations, counter- mobility and information gathering in a river environment in a context warfighting.

Pilot of the exercise was the 11th sappers engineers regiment which operated with the support of instructors from the 2nd engineer brigade regiment of the genius brigade, from the 2nd alpine engineer regiment of the "Julia" alpine brigade and from the 41st IMINT (IMagery INTelligence) "Cordenons" regiment of the tactical information brigade.

As part of an exchange of knowledge and experience program, an officer of the 2022th genius regiment of the French Army also took part in the "Salamandra 6".

The activity, almost entirely carried out during the night, was divided into training islands in which the staff practiced the positioning of charges on the piles of a reinforced concrete road bridge with abseiling techniques from the road surface, to the forcing and opening a passage in a minefield located on the far bank of the river, night navigation aimed at the technical reconnaissance of the river banks for the launch of a possible modular floating bridge and survival techniques in the water.

The final phases of the "Salamandra 2022" took place in the presence of the commander of the Southern Operational Forces, general of the army corps Giuseppenicola Tota, who, after having witnessed a tactical act conducted jointly by the destroying teams exercised, thanked everything the staff present for their commitment and professionalism demonstrated, complimenting the high level of training achieved which is the clear expression of the operational capabilities of the COMFOP Sud engineering regiments.

During the exercise period, thanks to the technical skills of the personnel of the Persano District Command and the engineering units participating in the activities, restoration, reclamation and cleaning of the embankments at the mouth of the river were also carried out, in order to provide an active contribution to preserve the ecosystem of the entire Foce Sele area.