"Enhance Snipers 2021" exercise concluded

(To Army Majority State)

The second phase of the "Enhance Snipers 2021" exercise, aimed at training and standardizing the snipers of the North Operating Forces.

The selected shooting teams must reach a high level of standardization on the technical-tactical skills and procedures of use, while maintaining their own "nature", that is, the operational specificities within the specialties they belong to. This goal assigned by the vertex area command to the 11th Bersaglieri Regiment which, having been identified as a "pilot" regiment, since last June has started an intense cycle of training activities aimed at implementing the theoretical and practical capabilities of the selected shooting groups in the infantry regiments of the entire "Vittorio Veneto".

In the process of standardization, the firing exercises in which the selected shooting groups of the regiments have had the opportunity to confront and amalgamate during the carrying out of common training activities and, above all, to verify their respective professional skills and equipment in condition of stress, operating in contexts characterized by particularly demanding environmental conditions, gradually passing on selected targets placed at distances ranging from 300 m up to 1000 m, fixed or in motion, using the different types of weapons supplied, both day and night and with different climatic conditions.

At the end of the tutorial type Live Exercise (LIVEX - with units deployed), in order to further implement the shooting ability and create a moment of healthy comparison between the participants, a Long Range shooting competition was held, consisting of a practical test on different and complex exercises at long distances.