Atlante 2019 tutorial concluded

(To Army Majority State)

The “Atlante 2019” exercise was concluded, an activity that brought together in a single training event all the exercises planned for the 2019 by the Commands dependent on the Command of the Terrestrial Support Operative Forces.

The exercises, developed subsequently at the "Eagle Meteor 2019" of NRDC-ITA, allowed to verify the level of preparation reached by the Supporting FOTERS in the conduct of a complex operation of a pluriarma type.

In Monte Romano (Viterbo), the "Dragon" exercises of the Artillery Command and "Lynx" of the Tactical Information Brigade Command. The activity saw the deployment of a Brigade Command Post with the task of planning and coordinating the fire sources in support of the Earth maneuver, as well as contributing the process of Terrestrial Targeting and Battle Space Management. For the occasion, a target surveillance and acquisition nucleus was used, provided by the 3 mountain artillery regiment, a counter-fire radar component and a UAV of the 41 ° "Cordenons" regiment, while the connections were guaranteed by the 11 ° regiment transmissions.

The “Freccia” exercise of the Counter-aircraft Artillery Command was aimed at guaranteeing the counter-and anti-missile defense of points and sensitive areas (Command Posts / deployments) and of maneuvering units.
For this reason, Contra-aircraft systems were deployed in different locations: in Borgoforte (Mantova), the two batteries equipped with the SAMP / T anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapon system; in Sabaudia (Latina), where the Tattico Group Command Post was placed with Skyguard Aspide and Stinger systems, short and very short range respectively; at Po, through the support, in the throwing of a PGM (Motorized Floating Bridge) by the Pontieri, of a very long range stinger battery of the 121 ° regiment and of CNPM (National Capacity Projection from the Sea) enabled assets belonging to 17 ° regiment.

The “Argo” exercise led by the Genius Command was conducted in the localities of Scalo Po (Piacenza), where the 2 ° brigade regiment operated, and of Castelmaggiore (Bologna), headquarters of the Genio Ferrovieri regiment.

In Scalo Po, the activity was carried out not only by the Engineer, but also by the Arterial Contra-Aircraft and Transmission systems in order to verify and implement the operating procedures for coordination with the maneuvering components of both the base weapon (in particular, the Infantry Lagunari and Cavalleria who provided personnel in competition) and of AVES, in a common scenario with the same Command and Control systems.

In the Castelmaggiore site, however, the genius railway manager has focused his operational capabilities in a context of general support for mobility. In particular, he was responsible for the restoration / upgrading of a railway line, for the management of a railway freight terminal aimed at guaranteeing supplies to the units deployed in the operation area, as well as carrying out a decommissioning of a bomb by a CMD core ( Conventional Munition Disposal).

In the "2019 Atlas", the specialist Command Posts and the Units were deployed on the ground and connected to each other by means of an architecture of field connections in radio / satellite bridges and permanent connections already present, secured by the Command of the Broadcasts present in all locations, in order to develop and improve interoperability and the ability to cope with emergencies, if necessary, even in competition and in synergy with the civil operators appointed to intervene in the event of public disasters.

In Bari, the Logistic Support Command conducted the "Auriga" exercise. The aim of the activity was to verify the deployment and functioning capabilities of a field hospital (ROLE 2E) in two different operational scenarios that wanted to simulate, in a context war, the deployment in the rear of a field hospital aimed at guaranteeing emergency and first aid to wounded soldiers in combat and assisting the civilian populations involved. Subsequently, the same scenario saw the intervention of the Army in cooperation with the Civil Protection, the National Health Service and the Italian Red Cross, to help the populations struck by a tsunami following an earthquake that struck Puglia. The "Auriga" has successfully verified the ROLE2E's redeployment and intervention capabilities, as well as the technical-health interoperability procedures between the various institutional components deployed.

Also the Center of Excellence CM / M APR of Sabaudia has been employed for antidrone security, both to defend the ROLE2E of Bari, both in synergy with the civil operators involved.

Synergy particularly appreciated by the Commander of the Terrestrial Support Operative Forces, general of the Giuseppenicola Tota army corps who, during a visit to the main venues of the exercise, was able to ascertain the very high level of preparation achieved and the unanimous consensus obtained by the opinion public. Never before this year, in fact, thanks to the placement of some of the exercise areas in the city centers, the local population has been able to touch the expressive capabilities of the Armed Force perceived as an institution serving the country.