The Trident Jupiter 19 ended

(To Army Majority State)

The phase of conduct of the Trident Jupiter 19, an exercise aimed at testing the procedures envisaged in the case of collective defense (so-called art.5 operations) of the Member States of the Atlantic Alliance, has been concluded. The Trident Jupiter is aimed at training the forces that are part of the NRF basin (NATO Responce Force) and represents a key event in the implementation of the NATO Rapid Reaction Forces.

The Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) participated in the Trident Jupiter providing a CIMIC Group Minus HQ, or a task organization created ad hoc to guarantee the performance of all the functions related to the CIMIC (CIvil-MIlitary Cooperation).

The MNCG (Multinational CIMIC Group) was deployed with its staff men in three locations: the JFTC (Joint Force Training Center) in Bydgoscz, Poland, the JFCBS in Brunssum, the Netherlands and the JWC (Joint Warfare Center) in Stavanger, Norway.

The MNCG has carried out the delicate function of linking the countries involved, has guaranteed a continuous updating and a careful evaluation of the civil environment, also advising the Commander of the Joint Task Force on the possible impacts that military actions could have on the civil population.