The second phase of “Cursor 2023” concluded

(To Army Majority State)

The brigade command Pinerolo, structured around a digitalized multi-weapon tactical group based on the 82nd "Turin" infantry regiment and reinforced with highly specialized assets from all departments of the Army, conducted different tactical activities at the occasional Torre di Nebbia range, making full use of the advantages provided by the digitalisation of systems in the field of command and control.

The exercise, promoted by the VI C5I systems department of the EMS, was conducted simultaneously at the headquarters of the 13th "Pinerolo" command and tactical support department in Bari and the Torre di Nebbia range, where the digitized command post was deployed respectively of brigade and regimental level.

The activity, supported by the technical components of simulation and validation center (Ce.Si.Va.) of the Army and the transmission command, has made it possible to delve deeper into the objectives of interoperability and integration of the new command and control systems through the use of a range of software acquired and/or developed by the armed force in recent years. This project is part of the activities aimed at developing the digitalisation of the battlefield.

The Army Sub-Chief of Staff, Army Corps General Gaetano Zauner, present during the final day of the exercise, witnessed all the phases of the maneuver, conducted in the headquarters of the 13th RECOM "Pinerolo", at the polygon approximately 100 km away from the deployment of the command post, through the use of the "Imperio" system, for the command post component, and the C2DN Evo software (command, control, digitization and advanced navigation) for mobile platforms such as the Medium armored vehicle (VBM) Arrow and Lightweight Multirole Tactical Vehicle (VTLM).