Combined Resolve XVII concluded

(To Army Majority State)

The multinational exercise ended last Monday at the Hohenfels base (GER) Combined Resolve XVII, in which the Italian Army participated with a C1 tank platoon Ram with the support of command and control and logistic assets belonging to the 4th tank regiment. The activity falls within the framework of NATO's training commitment for the implementation of the operational capabilities of the units of the member countries in a combined environment, and was conducted with the participation of contingents from ten partner nations.

The objective of the exercise was to test the real combat capabilities, verify the interoperability of the weapon and communication systems between the forces of the participating Allied Countries, in a simulated operational environment, characterized by an increasing level of complexity. , to opposing parties (force on force) in collaboration with various nations.

The Italian unit, framed in the good company of 69th armor battalion of the 1st brigade of the US Army, conducted, during the continuous 10-day exercise, offensive and defensive tactical activities and maintained for the entire period the maximum combat power, using both the Leopard rescue for recovery and maintenance activities, and tactical means to guarantee logistical supplies.

At the end of the exercise, the platoon commander of the 4th tank, Lieutenant Dario Romano, was awarded by the US brigade with the certificate of "Hero of Hohenfels", for his aptitudes of junior leader, for the maneuvering capacity of its unit and for the planning methods of the logistic support, which allowed it to maintain a very high standard of performance of the unit.

The efforts made and the resources used during the exercise confirmed the ability of the Italian Army to assure NATO forces with skills full spectrum, to operate in scenarios warfighiting highly responsive and capable of carrying out all tasks.

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