The 94th National Alpini Gathering has ended

(To Army Majority State)

Army corps general Pietro Serino was among the guests of honor at the National Gathering of the Alpini, now in its 94th edition and held in Udine from 11 to 14 May, with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people. The president of the Senate of the Republic, sen. Ignazio La Russa and the prime minister, Giorgia Meloni together with the defense minister Guido Crosetto, the minister for relations with the Parliament Luca Ciriani, the president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region Massimiliano Fedriga, the president of the National Alpini Association, Sebastiano Favero , to the commander of the operational command of joint forces (COVI) general of the army corps Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, dean of the specialty, to the general of the army corps Ignazio Gamba, commander of the Alpine troops and numerous political, military and religious authorities.

The Chief of Staff of the Army attended the main stages of Sunday's parade, opened by the fanfare of the Alpine Brigade Julia and by the war flags and banners of the regiments of the Alpine troops stationed in Friuli Venezia Giulia, followed by over 80.000 black feathers of theNational Alpine Association from all the Italian regions and from different countries of the world at the end of an event which saw many gatherers flock to Udine.

Also in this edition it was much appreciated by the rallies citadel of the alpini, the space conceived as an exhibition showcase of the main means and equipment of the latest generation supplied to the Alpine troops but also of those supplied to the civil protection and to the "Alpine Health" of the ANA. Also present was Radio Esercito, which recounted the various days live through reports of the numerous events and interviews with the protagonists.

"There is no need to reiterate the extraordinary value of the Alpini in the ranks of the Army, the large gathering in Udine and the large number of people present are the most sincere proof of this, not only families from Friuli but citizens who flocked from all over Italy and the world" - commented General Serino speaking with the authorities present, continuing - “Today the Alpine troops of the Army continue to be a reference for the Armed Forces, guaranteeing the terrestrial instrument combat capabilities in any environment, at any altitude in any climate stronger than the teachings of the mountains and those who preceded them. They are the protagonists of verticality and arcticity.”

The Alpine troops represent a fundamental component of the Army, which is characterized by the peculiar ability to know how to operate in the mountains, a harsh and highly selective environment, capable of training first-rate soldiers at an international level, always ready to intervene wherever required at any time. crisis situation.

Approximately 11.000 personnel, located throughout the Alps and in the Abruzzo Apennines, constantly employed in international theaters of operations and at home. The particular sense of belonging that is created among the Alpine troops is further strengthened by the action of theNational Alpine Association, custodian of values ​​and traditions of the body, which boasts about 350 members with 80 sections in Italy and 30 in various countries around the world. Loyal to feelings such as love of country, friendship, solidarity and sense of duty, cemented during service in the Army, the ANA still expresses these qualities today by intervening with its volunteers alongside the armed force.