"TORO 2019" exercise completed successfully

(To Army Majority State)

The “Toro 2019” exercise was concluded, which saw the use of the “Pinerolo” brigade in the “San Gregorio” training area in Zaragoza. To be deployed on Spanish soil, assets of the "Pinerolo" brigade on the basis of 82 "Torino" infantry regiment, reinforced with units of the 21 "Trieste" artillery regiment, specialists of the 11 ° genius regiment and of the 232 transmissions regiment, alongside the colleagues of the "Aragon I" brigade of the Spanish army.

The purpose of the exercise was to test the interoperability of the Command and Control systems and the procedures for using the units of the two countries engaged in multiple training activities. The "Toro 2019" has seen the use of various Italian weapon systems including the VBM "Freccia" (in version combat, Spike and mortar holder from 120 mm), VTLM “LINCE”, VTMM “ORSO”, OBICI FH70, as well as Force Protection and surveillance of the battlefield, combined with those supplied to the Spanish units.

The exercise, started in the first days of November based on bilateral agreements and an intense activity of cooperation and friendship between the two countries, ended with a continuous conduct at the brigade level with the use of a Task Force pluriarma national and related Command Post that have operated in a type scenario war-fighting to opposing parties.

The "Toro 2019", whose operations of redeployment will end at the beginning of December with the disembarkation of the vehicles and materials and the return of the personnel to Italy, saw 6000 involved in the division of Spanish military personnel of the division Castillejo and the brigade "Aragon I" and 400 soldiers of the Italian Army who worked in a climate of close collaboration and great synergy, highlighting a consolidated affiliation between the two units at the brigade level.

The important training event represented a unique opportunity to increase the ability to operate internationally. The numerous activities carried out have all proved extremely rewarding both in terms of motivation and the professional growth of the personnel who gave proof, even in a climatic context, defined by Spanish colleagues as "adverse" characterized by low temperatures, of the qualities of Italian soldier who once again demonstrated professionalism and competence.