Stinger launch campaign concluded

(To Army Majority State)

In the context of Missile launch campaign 2020, at the height of the training / evaluation cycle that involved the two anti-aircraft artillery regiments - 17 ° "Sforzesca" and 121 ° "Ravenna" - from 24 September to 7 October, the weapon systems launch exercise took place Stinger.

The exercise, carried out in full compliance with the current legislation on combating the spread of CoViD-19 and with particular regard to the minimum environmental impact of the area, had the purpose of evaluating the anti-aircraft units of the Army, maintaining a high level of their operational capability, in order to ensure an effective response against a possible sky-borne threat.

During the exercise, in addition to the traditional anti-aircraft units, assets of the National Projection Screening Capacity (CNPM), of which the "Sforzesca" has been part since 2006, as well as units of the "Serenissima" lagoon regiment, flight crews of the 21st permanent detachment "Orsa Maggiore", of the 3rd special operations helicopter regiment (REOS) and staff of the Center of Excellence against remotely piloted mini / micro aircraft (CM / M APR) and regiments authorized to use anti-drone systems (C / UAS).

Located in Sardinia, within the Interforze Polygon of Salto di Quirra (PISQ), the target radio unit of COMACA simulated a series of attacks using radio-controlled model aircraft, while the anti-aircraft gunners neutralized the threat thanks to the weapon system supplied to the units of the Army.

Units Stinger advertised by land, by sea and by disembarking from Army Aviation helicopters, a combined activity that highlights the coordination achieved between different departments and the intrinsic multirole capacity of the specialty, capable of promptly intervening in all conditions environmental protection, even equipped with a gas mask and protective clothing against the CBRN threat. Furthermore, in this context, the integration of anti-aircraft systems such as the Skyguard and the AD3S anti-drone system, capable of guaranteeing the surveillance of the airspace against threats represented by conventional aircraft but also, with a view to a more modern scenario, from mini and micro remotely piloted aircraft.

130 soldiers and 30 vehicles took part in the activity and 18 Stinger missiles were launched. Currently made up of 3 regiments, the anti-aircraft artillery command based in Sabaudia (LT), with a force of about 2400 soldiers, in addition to the activity just ended, is deployed in the operation Safe Roads in the city of Rome, where, for about 4 months, Brigadier General Fabrizio Argiolas has taken command of the Lazio-Abruzzo group, while the dependent unit of the 17th "Sforzesca" regiment, engaged in the exercise in Sardinia, has returned from a job in Kosovo a few months ago.