Commemoration of Operation Herring

(To Army Majority State)

The day before yesterday, at the historic site of the allied airfield of Rosignano Marittimo (LI), active during the 2nd World War, the commemoration of the “Herring” operation took place.

The aviation launch - unique in history on the national territory - conducted on the eve of the breakthrough of the "Gothic Line", had the purpose of infiltrating small patrols of Italian paratroopers with sabotage tasks, behind the German lines, to facilitate the advance of the allied forces and complete the liberation of the national territory from Nazi troops.

To commemorate the operation - remembered yesterday evening as part of a historical conference in the halls of the Pisacane barracks in Livorno - and to remember the fallen, the 185 ° RRAO, heir to the "F Squadron", today recalled the anniversary with the deposition of a wreath at the monument dedicated to the fallen of Operation Herring.

The event was chaired by the commander of the Terrestrial Operations (COMFOTER COE) general of the army corps Giovanni Fungo, who awarded the “Objective Acquisitor” patent to the personnel who successfully completed the selection and training process for Special Forces operator.

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