Commemorate the Fallen of the Russian Front

(To Army Majority State)

The 82nd "Turin" infantry regiment, a unit employed by the "Pinerolo" mechanized brigade, commemorated the 77th anniversary of the Facts of Arms of Tscherkowo on the Russian front on 16 January 1943.

In Russia, the Italian Army Unit demonstrated the extraordinary ability and value of its men who wrote one of the saddest and most memorable pages in history with their blood, for which they received the Gold Medal for Military Valor.

The ceremony began with the deposition by the regimental commander, Colonel Sandro Iervolino, of the laurel wreath at the "Monument to the Fallen".

After the Holy Mass celebrated by the military chaplain Don Francesco Rizzi in the "San Martino" Chapel in memory of all the Fallen, the ceremony continued with the honoring of the War Flag, with the department deployed in arms on the flag-raising square and the reading of the Gold Medal for Military Valor.

The commander, during his allocation, recalled the heroic events before with the Shipping Corps and then with theItalian army in Russia (summer1941 - winter 1943). The epic of the Italian Army units at the time of the Great War and in particular of the 82nd "Turin" infantry regiment in Russia is one of the most glorious and painful pages in our history; the 82nd left almost all of his men on the battlefield, including those who perished from starvation and hardship in the prison camps far beyond the end of hostilities.

Today as then, the infantrymen of Turin, employed on different fronts in Italy and abroad, inspired and guided by the example of their predecessors, as well as by the values ​​of the Italian Army, operate with the same enthusiasm, passion and dedication to the fulfillment of one's duty, according to the regiment's motto: "I believe and I win". This is testified by the numerous certificates of appreciation from the higher authorities received during the operational / training activities carried out recently in Italy and abroad: sessions of experimental campaigns, exercise "Toro 2019" in cooperation with the Spanish brigade "Aragon I" , as well as national and international missions, where the department, employed as a pilot regiment in the context of the digitization project of the Armed Force and of the "Safe Soldier" project, demonstrated great professional skills.

The ceremony was attended by military and civil authorities, the Combat and Weapons Associations and a delegation of former "Infantrymen of Turin" on leave, from all over Italy to attend the commemoration and visit the barracks "R. Stella ”of Barletta, current seat of the 82nd“ Turin ”infantry regiment.