“Combat ready” for the Pinerolo VFP1s

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, the four-week training cycle has been completed, involving the VFP1s of the 4th block of the 4th bracket 2019 who attended the "combat" training module at the 82nd "Turin" infantry regiment.

About a month after their entry into the "R. Stella" Barracks in Barletta, the training hub of the "Pinerolo" mechanized brigade of the Italian Army, the volunteers were able to safely conduct the training.

The enthusiasm of the very young soldiers from different regions of Italy and fully entered into the great family of the Italian Army, who, having obtained the qualification at the end of the training course, will be assigned to the brigade departments was great. During the intensive course both daytime and nighttime trainings were carried out which saw the Volunteers engaged in gymnastic-sporting, technical-professional activities and evaluated in behavioral performance, as well as motivational.

In particular, the theoretical-practical lessons concerned the orientation on the ground, the use and handling of the weapons supplied, the shooting school with small arms and department, the throwing of the hand grenade and the individual training to combat through the use of Military Sports Gymnastic Training Circuit (CAGSM), allowing to acquire the "Combat" capacity of rifleman, preparatory to face further training and operational activities once arrived at the respective assignment departments.

The training process, carried out in full compliance with the security measures relating to the containment of the epidemiological spread from COVID-19, ended with a continuous 36-hour exercise and a team assault at the occasional shooting range of "Murgia Parisi Vecchio" , in which i Volunteers in fixed farm they had the opportunity to test their training and physical preparation gaining the awareness of being ready for future commitments on the national territory and abroad.

The commander of the 82nd "Turin" Infantry Regiment, Colonel Sandro Iervolino, during the salute to the new riflemen, expressed words of appreciation and satisfaction for the commitment shown and for the training level achieved, thanking the commanders at all levels for the excellent work done.