Command and communications at height

(To Army Majority State)

As part of the preparation for the "White Fox 2022", the "Taurinense" organized and conducted the communication exercise (COMMEX) "Steel Thunder" and the Command Post Exercise (CPX) “Steel Lightining”, with the aim of implementing and testing the command, control and communication capabilities between the units of the brigade.

The peculiarities of the mountain environment, with narrow valleys separated by peaks and ridges, have always made the flow of communications between the Alpine units used in operations or training particularly articulated. Modern mountain warfare has further accentuated the need for an effective and resilient C4 (Command, Control, Communications and Computer) system for conducting activities at height.

With the comm-ex "Steel Thunder", the digital radio network (Land Mobile Radio Network - LMRN) in Alta Val di Susa and Val Chisone, training the alpine transmitters of the “Taurinense” in the creation of radio and data connections at high altitude.

The transmitters of the "Taurinense" command and tactical support department, assisted by the C3 platoon of the 3rd Alpine regiment with the support of the helicopters of the 34th permanent "Toro" detachment of Venaria Reale (TO) of the 4th "Altair", therefore installed Motorola DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) repeaters at 2700 meters on Mount Fraiteve and on Cima Ciantiplagna (2849) in the Cottian Alps, in order to guarantee effective radio coverage and the geo-localization of the units undergoing training.

Elements of the “Susa” Alpine battalion then carried out movement and connection tests in the exercise areas with the Forward Command Post of the brigade and of the 3rd Alpini.

The integrated use of the VBS3 digital / analog multilevel system with the regimental command posts increased the realism of the exercise by providing superordinate commands in real time with free pattern, stimulating decision-making at the regiment / brigade level.