Celebrated 107 years of Arma TRAMAT

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, at the “G. Rossetti” in Rome, headquarters of the command of the Logistics Support and the Transport and Materials School, the 107th anniversary of the Battle of the Highlands and Arma Festival Transport and Materials.

The celebration is linked to the first large military transport, which took place on the occasion of the feat of arms known as the Battle of the Highlands, which in May 1916 made it possible to arrest the Austro-Hungarian troops projected towards the Venetian plain in order to circumvent the Italian defensive system. The maneuver was successful thanks to the contribution of the drivers, who were able to transfer thousands of soldiers and large quantities of materials from the Isonzo front to the Altipiani front in a very short time.​

During his speech, the logistic commander of the Army addressed a heartfelt thanks to the men and women of every order and rank, with the black and blue insignias that occupy a very first place in all the military operations that involve the Armed Forces.

The head of the Transport and Materials Arma underlined how the recent and complex operational scenarios have highlighted a greater demand for logistics capabilities and that, therefore, the TRAMAT Arma will always be ready.​