Change of name of the 80th RAV “ROMA”

(To Army Majority State)

The name change ceremony of the 80th Volunteer Training Regiment "ROMA" took place in recent days at the "Lolli Ghetti" Barracks.

​​The event took place in the presence of the Commander of Army Training, Specialization and Doctrine, Army Corps General Carlo Lamanna, of the Commander of the Army Non-Commissioned Officers School, Brigadier General Roberto Vergori, of the military authorities, civil and religious, of the Banners of the Cities of Cassino and Mignano Montelungo as well as of the Combatant and Weapons Associations.

The change of name of the regiment is part of a process of general transformation and modernization which passes through the revision of the structures, the investment in means and weapon systems and the rationalization of the operational units, as a consequence of the evolution of the international scenario and the commitments undertaken by Defense at the international level.

The 80th "Roma" Volunteer Training Regiment, an Army unit responsible for the initial training of men and women in the categories of Volunteers and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Sergeant role, will be replaced by the 3rd "Bondone" regiment, which will be equipped with Piloted Aircraft Latest generation remote control (APR), to promptly respond to the operational challenges of the future.

General Lamanna, in his speech, thanked all those who contributed to shaping the soul of the Regiment: "From the Commanders, who led with wisdom and foresight to those who supported their command action; from the instructor staff who have dedicated their time and experience to train the new generations of soldiers, to the soldiers who have honored the uniform with dedication and professionalism".

The War Flag of the 80th, decorated with two Gold Medals for Military Valor, a Bronze Medal and a Cross of Merit of Savoy, will be entrusted to the Logistics Support Department of the Military Range of Monte Romano, which will take the name of 80th "Roma" regiment, maintaining its mission.