Change at the top of the genius brigade

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, at the multipurpose room of the "Ettore Rosso" barracks, headquarters of the Engineers Command, the ceremony of rotation at the top of the Genius brigade was held between Brigadier General Luigi Postiglione and the parigrade Mauro Prezioso.

The ceremony, presided over by the commander of the Engineers Command, Major General Gianpaolo Mirra, took place in full compliance with the measures to contain the infection from CoViD-19 and saw the participation of the Italian Engineers and Transmitters Association, with the presence of the national president, general of the army corps Carlo Mittoni, of a representation of military personnel of the brigade command and of the commanders of the dependent regiments / departments.

General Postiglione, in his farewell speech, underlined the constant commitment and professionalism of the men and women of the brigade, employed both in the national territory with the operation Safe Roads and in activities related to the health emergency in progress, both to employment outside the national territory, from the “Inherent Resolve” operation in Kuwait to the recent employment in the bilateral Support Mission in the Republic of Niger (MISIN).

The transferring commander also recalled the importance of the training departments of the brigade which, through their daily commitment, train engineers and personnel of high weapons and specialties in sectors such as combating the threat to improvised explosive devices (IED).

General Mirra, in his speech, thanked General Postiglione for the commitment and results achieved by the Brigade, wishing the best of luck for the new post as head of the Infrastructure Department at the Army General Staff.

General Prezioso, coming from the General Secretariat of Defense, is the second commander of the Engineers Brigade, formed on 1 July 2020 following a reorganization process of the Engineers Command and of the entire infrastructural sector of the Italian Army.