Change at the top of the transmissions command


It took place yesterday morning in the “G. Perotti ”, in the presence of the commander of the Support Terrestrial Operating Forces, general of the army corps Massimo Scala, the change at the top of the transmission command between the brigadier general Stefano Francesconi, transferring, and the parigrade Davide Pilatti, taking over.

The ceremony was attended, together with the staff of the transmission command, the Banner of the city of Rome, decorated with the Gold Medal for Military Valor, the Medal of the National Association of Engineers and Transmitters of Italy and a representation of some Combat Associations and 'Weapon.

After more than three years, General Francesconi leaves the command of the large Army unit which, under his leadership and thanks to the daily commitment of about 5000 men and women both at home and outside the national borders, has undertaken and finalized multiple activities, which have allowed the achievement of new goals that have affected the entire broadcasting sector.

During his speech, General Francesconi stated: “This is an important moment in my life, which marks the end of a three-year period at the helm of broadcasts, an immense privilege, a task that I have always dreamed of intimately. I hope I have left the mark of my esteem in you ".

The Transmissions Command has 4 Maneuver Support Regiments (2nd, 7th, 11th and 232nd Transmission Regiments) in charge of ensuring CIS support in both domestic and overseas operations, 3 National Support Regiments (3 °, 32 °, 46 ° and related autonomous battalions), responsible for the management of the national strategic network, the transmission and information technology school and the cyber security department.

General Francesconi will take up a new post at the network operations command.

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