Change at the top of the genius command

(To Army Majority State)

Yesterday, in the "Ettore Rosso" barracks, in the military city of Cecchignola, the ceremony of rotation in the position of commander of the genius command between Brigadier General Massimo Bendazzoli and Division General Gianpaolo Mirra.

The ceremony, held in a reduced form in compliance with the measures envisaged regarding the containment of the risks connected with the current health emergency, sanctioned not only the handover between the two general officers, but also the elevation of the genius command from divisional command brigade level and contextual establishment of employees infrastructure command and genius brigade, led respectively by General Bendazzoli and his equal degree Luigi Postiglione.

General Mirra, in the brief greeting address, highlighted the new challenges that await the genius command, especially in the infrastructure sector where, in perspective, with the new organization adopted, it will be possible to have all the Armed Force entities operating in this important sector included in a single chain of command, ensuring uniqueness of vision and direction, making possible synergies and optimizations in the use of resources. Greater impetus can then be given to cooperation between the infrastructure departments and general support genius regiments, considerably increasing the ability to intervene in carrying out the works aimed at modernizing the military infrastructure park, also through the rapid construction of prefabricated modular structures responding to more modern quality and energy standards, on the model of the MIRRAAL housing building (Infrastructural Modules for the Rapid Construction of Accommodations and Work Environments) planned for construction in Cecchignola.

The Arma del Genio is an essential and versatile pawn of the Italian Army which, in addition to its operational use in international missions, is able to intervene in cases of public calamities and utility, at any time, throughout the national territory. community support.