Change at the top of the Genius Command

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, in the "Ettore Rosso" barracks of Rome, the ceremony for the change of the commander of the Genio Command between the transferor, Brigadier General Francesco Bindi, and the new Brigadier General Massimo Bendazzoli took place.

The military ceremony took place in the presence of the Commander of the Terrestrial Support Operative Forces, general of the Giuseppenicola Tota army corps and of numerous civil and military authorities, among which some mayors of central Italy, to testify to the solid link with the Italian Army and, in particular, with the Arma del Genio, always at the forefront of rescue operations and support to populations affected by calamitous events.

General Bindi, in his farewell address, after thanking men and women of the dependent units for the brilliant results achieved, underlined what has been done and much more will have to be done, "the lack of resources has never been an excuse not to do, to turn away", finding in all the engineers "sincere lovers of the homeland who have always responded to what has been requested with disinterested love and institutional attachment". Values ​​that have characterized the engineers during the recent public calamity operations, where "tenacious, indefatigable and above all modest have exalted the capacity of the Armed Forces to cooperate with other civil operators in the management of emergencies".

The commander of the Terrestrial Support Operational Forces, general of the Giuseppenicola Tota corps, also addressed a unanimous thanks to the personnel of the Genius: "Your professionalism, your ability to adapt to ever new tasks, and the particular training, are peculiar characteristics that have allowed you to grow to affirm you as formidable assets for the conduct of high-profile activities and that have made you and make you a tool essential and very important in all operational scenarios that have seen our Army engaged ".

The Arm of the Genius is an essential and versatile piece of the Italian Army, in addition to the operational use in international missions, they are able to intervene in cases of public calamity and utility, at any time, throughout the Italian territory to support of the national community.