Change at the top of the 3 "Aldebaran" Helicopter Regiment for Special Operations

(To 3 REOS Aldebaran)

Today, at the "Fabbri" airport, in the presence of the commander of the Brigade General Aviation Army Paolo Riccò, the 3 ° commanding ceremony took place. Helicopter Regiment for Special Operations "Aldebaran" between Colonel Nicola Basti, transferor, and Colonel Loreto Bolla, successor.

Many authorities and illustrious guests attended the ceremony which, on a particularly important day for the regiment, they wanted to hug in an ideal embrace to the younger unit of the Army Aviation. From the 2002, in fact, this unit supports all the Defense Special Forces in the 3 ^ dimension.

The most solemn moment of the ceremony was the passage of the Flag of War from the hands of the transferor commander, who guarded it and served it for 28 months, to that of the successor who, as soon as he finished a prestigious assignment in operational theater, is about to begin an intense period at the head of the men and women of the 3 ° REOS.

Under the leadership of Colonel Basti, the regiment carried out all the missions assigned to him in these years, from training to operational national and international missions, ensuring crews and aircraft daily for national emergency response and contingency plans.

Among the innumerable training activities, it is recalled that started in March of this year, which saw the training of pilot, technical and operator on board of the Qatari Emiri Air Force on NH90 aircraft, having the dual purpose of training pilots and operators of board and to train maintenance technicians.

The 3 ° Special Operations Helicopters Regiment "Aldebaran" formed the November 14 2014 reports directly to the Army Aviation Command and supports personnel and aircraft on Army Special Forces Command (COMFOSE) and the Interforze Command for Special Forces Operations (COFS) also guaranteeing the typical missions of a flight unit of the Army Aviation.