Change to the command of the anti-aircraft artillery

(To Army Majority State)

In the presence of the Commander of the Terrestrial Support Operative Forces, general of the army corps, Giuseppenicola Tota and of numerous local civil and military authorities, the 4 October 2019 rotation ceremony was held on Friday between Brigadier General Antonello Messenio Zanitti and Brigadier General Fabrizio Argiolas, the successor in the role of commander of the artillery.

The ceremony took place in the "Santa Barbara" barracks, the headquarters of the anti-aircraft specialty, and on the square dedicated to the battle of the Solstice the war flags of the anti-aircraft regiments and the flag of the COMACA institute, the artillery band and a training regiment made up of all the dependent departments.

To give luster to the ceremony, the presence of the national medal collection of the artillery weapon, the labyrinths and the combative and weapon associations, the banner of the city of Sabaudia as evidence both of the links with the custodians of the traditions of the specialty and with the administrations locals.

In the speech of General Zanitti, heartfelt thanks to the men and women of the specialty that I countered with their commitment, professionalism and spirit of service they allowed the achievement of ambitious operational and training objectives during the three years in command of the anti-aircraft specialty. General Zanitti will continue the service by holding the post of Chief of Staff of Command of the Terrestrial Support Operative Forces in Verona.

For General Argiolas, from the General Staff of the Army where he was Deputy Head of Department III General Planning it is a return after ten years in the specialty anti-aircraft, covering the most prestigious of the assignments in a sector that constitutes an excellence for the Armed Forces.

The "Santa Barbara" Barracks, in addition to being the site of the anti-aircraft artillery command, houses inside the Center of Excellence Counter Mini / Micro Remote Pilot Aircraft (CDE CM / M APR).