CAEX II/2022: The Italian Army and the third dimension


With the conduct of Main training event of the Blue Specialty, the "CAEX II-22", held at the Capo Teulada shooting range, ended in recent weeks.

Planned, organized and conducted by the AVES command and the "Friuli" aircraft brigade, the CAEX saw all the units of the specialty engaged in a complex, multi-arms and joint training event, with fire on the move, day and night.

With this activity, the departments expected to be used in the operational theater or included in the high readiness basins of the Defense were certified. The achievement of the Full Operational Capability (FOC) of the brigade, as the sole operational force provider of AVES.

The scenario, highly realistic, involved the conduct of aeromechanized and aircraft operations, day and night. As a corollary of the main effort, both the combat support and specialist logistical capabilities have been consolidated.

Approximately 1000 soldiers and 22 helicopters (AH-129D, UH-90A, CH-47F and UH-205) were used in the exercise.