Folgore Brigade: the Nembo at the Cambrian Patrol 2019

(To 183 rgt Nembo)

From 14 to 18 October 2019 the brigade thunderbolt participated, with a team from the platoon Explorers of the 183 ° paratroopers regiment nimbus, to the international exercise Cambrian Patrol organized by the British army and held in Wales at the Command of the 160 ^ brigata (Welsh) which used the Brecon Beacon as a training area for the selection and training of the Special Air Service (body of special forces of the British army).

The "Cambrian", which in this edition saw the participation of around 130 patrols belonging to different nationalities, is one of the most important training events for the British army. In particular it is structured to increase the capacities of the participating teams and test them during a long-range patrol: 70 km to travel in 36 hours with equipment of around 40 kg.

In addition to engaging in the actual patrol, the Italian Army paratroopers faced numerous tests: crossing dangerous points and natural obstacles (water courses), first aid, radio communications, recognition of means and materials, recognition of improvised explosive devices ( Counter - Improvised Explosive Device), crossing of a minefield, reaction to a CBRN attack (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear), rapid planning and conduct of an attack on enemy positions, indication of objectives in favor of artillery, capture and treatment of prisoners.

La Cambrian Patrol it is considered one of the toughest military competitions there is. Nevertheless the patrol of the nimbus did not follow a specific preparation, but put to the test highlighting, that operational readiness that distinguishes the members of the brigade thunderbolt and that in the name of unity, spirit of body and physical and mental resistance has brought prestige to the Italian Army in an international context.