Turnover at the Alpine Training Center

(To Army Majority State)

It took place in recent days, at the “Castello Generale Cantore” in Aosta, in the presence of the commander of the Alpine Troops, general of the army corps Ignazio Gamba, of the vice president of the Autonomous Region of Valle D'Aosta, dr. Luigi Bertschy and the civil and military authorities of the city of Aosta, the change ceremony of the commander of the Alpine Training Center.

After two years in which the Alpine Training Center of the Army has been able to operate consistently in an inter-force and international context, Brigadier General Matteo Spreafico leaves the command to Brigadier General Marcello Orsi.

Two demanding years, marked by the continuing health crisis that hit our country and characterized by countless commitments, in particular in support of local authorities in the fight against COVID 19, which saw the participation of all the staff of the Center in the distribution to the population of personal protective equipment and sanitation of neighboring towns, confirming at the same time the "guide" function of Alpine Training Center in the field of specialized training aimed at the acquisition of the most modern survival, movement and combat techniques in a mountain environment, even “from a distance”, through the creation of specific tutorials.

At the end of his farewell speech, General Spreafico wanted to underline the importance that the Alpine Training Center has covered for his personal and professional growth. Center that retains its nature as an educational institution even in a difficult period such as the current one "Even more has tested our ability to adapt to contingent situations, to seek new solutions, confirming our professionalism".

The commander of the Alpine Troops, at the end, wanted to underline how the Alpine Training Center should be considered "The forge of movement in the mountains, both summer and winter, declined in all levels of ability, from the first steps on the snow to excellence such as our Marta Bassino, recently graduated athlete of the year".