Activities for the maintenance of operational capabilities within the JRRF

(To Army Majority State)

The training activities of the units of the "Pinerolo" mechanized brigade continue at the Torre di Nebbia shooting range for the maintenance of high and very high operational readiness capabilities / assets, aimed at ensuring an immediate response of the Army departments to national needs and multinationals (NATO / EU).

In this context, in recent days, the 7th Bersaglieri Regiment, which falls within the JRRF (Joint Rapid Response Force) basin, concluded a training cycle aimed at maintaining full operational capability (Full Operation Capability).

The activity, carried out in full compliance with the measures to combat the spread of the CoViD-19 contagion, made it possible to train the staff and combat units to operate in a warfighting scenario through LIVEX / FIREX activities of a lesser complex level and to use all weapon systems supplied to the regiment, in particular the VBM "Freccia" in combat configurations, 120 mm mortar holder and counter tank with "Spike" weapon system.

Thanks to this intense training, the Bersaglieri have been able to perfect the application of the technical-tactical procedures of specialties and, at the same time, have increased the amalgamation between the crews operating on Medium Armored Vehicles (VBM 8X8) "Arrow".