Bomb squad in action in Milan

(To Army Majority State)

Yesterday morning the Army bombers of the 10th Engineer Regiment of Cremona carried out a demanding reclamation operation in the basement of the Milan Central Station, near the Shoah Memorial.

In total, 24 hand grenades of different nationalities were found, many in excellent condition and all dating back to the Second World War.

After recognition and safety, the bomb squads transported the bombs to the Campana quarry in Buscate (MI) where they were destroyed. The reclamation operations were carried out quickly thanks to the synergy of all the institutional subjects involved, coordinated by the prefecture of Milan and by the Alpine army command.

The specialists of the 10th sapper engineering regiment intervene almost daily for the reclamation of the remnants of war on the entire territory of the Lombardy region, where over 500 bombs have been destroyed in the last year.

The Army, thanks to the capabilities of the engineering departments, in addition to operational use in international missions, intervenes in cases of need to rescue and support the population, in the clearance of bombs as in cases of public calamities. With his Counter-IED Center of Excellence, located in the military city of Cecchignola in Rome, the Army is responsible for training the bomb squads of all the Armed Forces, Police Forces and Armed Corps of the State.