"Ambassadors of Hope on the Paths of History" in Castelvecchio

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"Ambassadors of Hope on the Paths of History": this is the theme at the center of the cultural meeting hosted on Friday afternoon at the Unified Circle of the Castelvecchio Army. Protagonists of the appointment, the commander of the Ground Operations Support Forces, general of the Army Corps Giuseppenicola Tota, Nicolò Mannino and Salvatore Sardisco, respectively president and vice president of the Parliament of International Legality, if Msgr. Michele Pennisi, archbishop of Monreale and Carmelo D'Angelo, mayor of the Municipality of Ravanusa (AG).

General Tota opened the evening by highlighting the important role played by Legality Parliament, of which he is a collaborator of the Presidency, which aims to spread the thought of legality all over the world.

The creation of real "Embassies" made up of boys and girls from all over the world, continued Dr. In his intervention, Sardisco provides students with the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences through cultural encounters which aim to encourage integration, educate in intercultural dialogue, guarantee equal opportunities and enhance different languages ​​and cultures.

HE Msgr. Pennisi then stressed how: “It is necessary to promote legality through the rediscovery of values, which must be shared to avoid the danger of a decadent society. It is important to activate educational alliances between Families, Schools, the Church and civil and military institutions, what is called the educational quadrilateral, because all together, witnessing the same values, we can grow our society, a society in which you dominate the civilization of love ".

It was then the turn of the mayor of the Municipality of Ravanusa, who stressed the fundamental role played by the men and women of the institutions because their testimony must be that of acting daily in compliance with the law, to be exercised day after day honestly, appreciating the true values ​​of life.

The evening ended with the presentation of the book by Nicolò Mannino entitled "Prophetically Uncomfortable" dedicated to the figure of Don Tonino Bello, a first-rate character in the work of evangelization and dissemination of the Christian message.

The meeting, which was also attended by the councilor for anti-corruption of the Municipality of Verona Edi Maria Neri and the director of the Circondarial House of Verona, Mariagrazia Bregoli, was attended with enthusiasm by many baby mayors of some Municipalities of the Veneto region and, between the others, students from Monza Brianza, architects of the constitution of "the Embassy of the fresh scent of freedom".

"Tonight we take away emotions in seeing the commitment of these guys - concluded General Tota - that I want to personally thank for the beautiful testimony. The future is yours and it must be a good future! We wish you with the certainty that there are people like our friends in the Parliament of International Legality, who are committed to building a better world ".

Il Parliament of International Legality was born after years of intense anti-mafia cultural activity, even before the massacres of Capaci and Via D'Amelio and has only one goal: "Enhancing the natural qualities of young people in order to become architects and protagonists of a new world, engaging in the present to make the life of those who live in abandonment and solitude in color - All starting from a school of Life Gym". Respect for legality, knowledge of constitutional principles, observance of rights and duties are, in fact, the most appropriate means to make young protagonists become part of a common and supportive project aimed at the development of society.