The training for admission to the Army NCO School is underway

(To Army Majority State)

The Barracks "Soccorso Saloni", headquarters of the Army Non-Official School, opened the gates, last Monday, to 174 aspirants arrived in Viterbo to face the training preparatory to the admission to the XXII two-year course (2019-2021) for army marshals.

Welcomed by the staff of the command line, who will follow the students for the entire duration of the academic two years, the young aspirants, coming from all over Italy, were immediately engaged in completing the necessary logistical-administrative activities, while, in the afternoon, at the Aula Magna of the Institute, they met the chairman of the examining committee for the internship, appointed by the Directorate General of Military Personnel of the Ministry of Defense, who illustrated the internship program and the evaluation criteria.

The visitors, in the next four weeks, will be evaluated in four areas: capacity and physical resistance; behavioral detection; performance in practical instructions; suitability for school activities.

In the first quarter of this year, the public competition, divided into phases, saw the candidates submit to the verification of cultural and intellectual qualities, knowledge of the English language, physical efficiency, as well as ascertaining psycho-physical fitness and attitudinal.

At the end of the internship, the first competitors 129, chosen according to the merit ranking, will be admitted to regular courses, crowning the dream of becoming student marshals of the Italian Army.

La Army Non-Official School has the primary task of training marshals platoon commanders and marshals with "Health" specialization who possess adequate technical and professional training and a cultural background appropriate to the role. The training process is developed by combining university level teaching (aimed at obtaining a degree in "Political Sciences and International Relations" for personnel assigned to the "Command" specialization) with an intense gymnastic-sport activity together with a demanding program of military, theoretical and practical activities, carried out on site, in areas and training facilities throughout the country.

Furthermore, at the Institute the course for “Unofficial Officer of the Body” is carried out, aimed at providing the main tools to carry out the tasks connected with the specific task, standardizing knowledge on ethical-moral and technical-professional issues, and the “Course of Branca ”, aimed at the“ advanced training ”of the personnel to be enabled to operate in the various functional branches of the Brigade level and above level Commands.