NRDC-ITA celebrates its first 20 years at the Estensi Gardens

(To Army Majority State)

In recent days, in the splendid setting of the Estensi Gardens, in Varese, the ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the founding of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps-Italy took place.

Various authorities, civil and military, national and international, took part in the event, including, in particular, the mayor of Varese, lawyer. Davide Galimberti and the prefect, doctor Dario Caputo. The ceremony, held in full compliance with the current restrictions, saw the participation of part of the staff of the Command, with the representatives of the 19 contributing nations, of the dependent units and of the Combat and Weapon Associations.

On the occasion of the anniversary, in the historic headquarters of Palazzo Cusani, in Milan, a concert by the fanfare of the 11th bersaglieri regiment performed various musical pieces, entertaining the numerous personalities present, including the president of the Lombardy regional council, Dr. Alessandro Fermi and the prefect of Milan, Dr. Renato Saccone.

To give a particular significance to the Varese ceremony was an air-drop with the technique of free fall carried out by the paratroopers of the “Folgore” brigade, athletes of the parachuting section of the sports activities department of the Italian Army.

Mayor Galimberti took the opportunity to personally witness the feelings of closeness to a reality that plays an important role in the area, as evidenced by the synergy with the local health authorities in contrasting the spread of COVID-19, in the context of operations "Igea" and "EOS", conducted by the Ministry of Defense. In this context, NRDC-ITA was awarded the highest city honor, "La Martinella del Broletto", for the precious, decisive support guaranteed in Varese with great competence, professionalism and self-denial during the period of the pandemic and in particular for the support to the management of the vaccination center set up in the Schiranna locality.

The ceremony experienced another particularly significant moment with the granting, unanimously approved by the municipal council, of the honorary citizenship of Varese to the Unknown Soldier, a symbol of those who sacrificed their lives for the supreme good of the homeland.

The commander of NRDC-ITA, general of the army corps Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, in his greeting address, underlining the importance of such a strong bond with the city of Varese, underlined the multinational character of the Command which, thanks to the diversity distinctive features of the staff that composes it, it stands as a model of integration also of the reference social context. Finally, he emphasized how this anniversary is the tangible sign of Italy's determination to be an active subject of the Alliance.