Off road training ... safely

(To Army Majority State)

The 1st land (mountain) artillery regiment and the "Taurinense" logistic regiment concluded an off road driving course for tactical vehicles that enabled thirty new drivers to drive safely on extreme routes.

The course, developed on the track specifically created at the training area of ​​Salmour, near Fossano (CN), allowed the training of Alpine troops and gunners to use heavy vehicles of several tons, such as the VTLM "Lince" and the BV206S7, overcoming obstacles of increasing difficulty on off-road routes, both day and night. Bumpy and unpaved paths, specially created with longitudinal and transversal slopes, have allowed the students to deal with the driving techniques necessary for the management and control of the rotated and tracked vehicles. Under the constant supervision of the military instructors, a path of gradual difficulty was followed, with theoretical lessons and practical exercises that accompanied the students to the final qualification test.

Used by the Army both in Italy and abroad, the "Lynx" and the BV206s7 have also been the protagonists of recent interventions for natural disasters, highlighting their characteristics of flexibility and usefulness in reaching inaccessible areas.

Maximum attention has been paid to staff safety and compliance with the directives to combat the risk of contagion from COVID19 by using the necessary Personal Protective Equipment and with periodic and meticulous vehicle sanitation actions.