Multi-weapon training for Aosta

(To Army Majority State)

The exercise of the units of the 6th Bersaglieri regiment of the brigade ended in recent days at the Monteromano (VT) polygon, at the end of an intense training cycle that lasted a month. Aosta with the help of an explorer platoon from the regiment Montebello Lancer (8 °), which had the purpose of maintaining and increasing, in a context warfighting, the capabilities and functionalities of the regimental command, the battalion command and the infantry companies with the cavalry exploration contest.

The exercise was conceived to train cadres and troops in the organization, planning and conduct of military operations, with particular regard to the issuing of orders, the coordination between the platoons constituting the minor complex, the request and use of the support of mortar fire.

In particular, the commanders at the various order levels have perfected the procedures for the use of smaller units, the exploitation of the land, training in shooting with individual and departmental weapons, the alternation of fire and movement of squads and platoons, driving off-road tactical vehicles, rescue and evacuation of the wounded and also operational boarding and disembarking from multi-role helicopters.

This made it possible to assess the degree of technical-tactical effectiveness achieved by the command posts deployed on the ground, as well as the degree of operation achieved by the mortar units in carrying out direct support tasks. All the activities have been developed in compliance with the measures for the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic and in full compliance with environmental regulations.