Mountain training for the "Dimonios"

(To Army Majority State)

A training cycle aimed at progression on rock and mobility in a mountain environment, conducted by instructors of the Alpine Training Center of Aosta, in favor of elements of the scouting platoon, ACRT platoon and selected shooting groups of the “Sassari” brigade.

The activity, born as a refresher course for military mountaineering instructors of the Ski Mountaineering Section (SSA), was developed at a later time, to refine the techniques of training in the mountains of specialized assets of the "Sassari". In a first phase, the visitors became familiar with climbing techniques and mountaineering techniques, to improve vertical mobility on rock, acquiring skills in the use of materials (carabiners, harnesses, ropes) and in nodology. In a second phase, the “Sassarini” put into practice the acquired skills, carrying out various training circuits characterized by climbing on ropes, abseiling with equipment and climbing in ropes on the cliff.

The joint training has also made it possible to expand the cultural and technical background of the instructors of the Alpine Training Center who, working in optimal climatic conditions on an unknown rocky conformation in the western part of the Italian Alps, were able to perfect their “modus operandi” in vast and diversified climbing routes, typical of the Sardinian hinterland.