Wagon training in contaminated environments

(To Army Majority State)

The exercise called "Black Glass" was held within the military district of Persano, aimed at verifying the preparation and training of the personnel of the 4th tank regiment in an environment with risk of CBRN contamination (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear).

The training activity, which saw the use of "C1-Ariete" combat tanks on the ground, had the purpose of consolidating and increasing the capabilities of the armored unit in facing the risks arising from a hypothetical attack conducted with CBRN weapons as well as train the Combat Service Support (CSS) component to set up a regimental decontamination post.

The units were coordinated and directed on the ground by a tactical command post of the company, through connections and computer systems with the operations room of the unit, while a team of evaluators of the Bersaglieri Brigade Command "Garibaldi" verified the achievement of the specific training objective and the implementation of internal department procedures.